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The department of Electrical Engineering at Indian Institute of Science offers a vibrant environment for postgraduate education and research in Electrical Engineering. Established in 1911, it is one of the first few departments at IISc. The vision of the department is to provide the leadership to enable India's excellence in the field of Electrical Engineering. The department is committed to advancement of the frontiers of knowledge in Electrical Engineering and to provide the students with a stimulating and rewarding learning experience.

The department is currently engaged in research in many areas of Electrical Engineering including Power Systems, Energy Studies, Power Electronics, Electrical Drives, High Voltage engineering, Signal Processing, Image Processing and Multimedia, Biomedical Imaging, Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition, etc.

The department admits students for 2-year M Tech programs as well as research programs leading to Ph.D. and M Tech(Res) degrees.

The department is recognized as a Center for Advanced Studies in Electrical Engineering by University Grants Commission.

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  • Dr. Neeraj Sharma (Post Doctoral Fellow), Shobana Ganesh (Junior Research Fellow)  and Dr. Sriram Ganapathy's paper "Talker change detection: A comparison of human and machine performance," has been chosen as the latest Technical Area Pick for the Journal of Acoustical Society of America (JASA).
  • Prof. A G Ramakrishnan has been invited to give a talk on "Hard-coded features in the brain and DNN" at the NeuroAI Conference at the Infosys Convention Hall, Bangalore, Aug. 3-4, 2019.  Link:
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