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  • Office: room 209 High Voltage Laboratory
  • Phone: +91 80 2293 3177
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Educational History

  • Ph.D. (High Voltage)         IISc, Bangalore    1998
  • M.E.(High Voltage)           IISc, Bangalore    1991
  • B.E.(Electrical)                 Bangalore University    1989

Courses offered in the last five years

  • E5 -- 212 Computational Methods for Insulation Engineering (2:1)
  • E5 -- 207 HV Transformers Part of HV Power Apparatus(3:0)
  • E8 - 202 Electromagnetism (3:0)

Awards / Honours / Affiliationss

  • Editor of IEEE Trans. On Power Delivery, Associate Editor, IET (High Voltage) and Journal of Lightning Research.
  • Steering Committee member of APL
  • Technical committee member of ICLP & APL since several years
  • Reviewer for more than 10 international journals, several national and international conferences.
  • Working group member of CIGRE WG C4.26 on "Evaluation of Lightning Shielding Analysis Methods for EHV and UHV DC and AC Transmission-lines" & CIGRE WG C4.37 on “Electromagnetic Computation Methods for Lightning Surge Studies with Emphasis on the FDTD Method”
  • Senior Member of IEEE and member of CIGRE.




Current Research areas

  •  Electromagnetics
  • Lightning modelling and Protection
  • Impulse current Measurement
  • High Frequency Response of Coils