Jadavpur Convocation

December 2003
Annual convocation at Jadavpur University, Kolkata
(from Left) Swagatam, Anindya, Arya, Prof. A. K. Bandhapadhay, myself, Kunal, Abhishek, Avishek
Golden robes in golden days!

YVV Class

May 2004
Last Class of Computer Vision by Prof. Y. V. Venkatesh at IISc, Bangalore
I am on the left side of Professor.
One of the most wonderful course I have ever taken!

My USC Desk

December 2006
Sitting on chair at my desk in EEB405 room at USC.
Desk at which I have spent five enjoyable years during PhD!


March 2008
Presenting my poster titled "Automatic classification of question turns
in spontaneous speech using lexical and prosodic evidence" in ICASSP 2008.
My first conference trip and that too in Las Vegas!


September 2010
Presenting my poster titled "Robust voice activity detection in stereo recording with crosstalk" in Interspeech 2010.
First time in Japan (Makuhari)!

Best paper award

March 2011
Receiving honorable metion for best paper award from Yannis C. Yorstos, Dean of Viterbi School of Engineering in MHI Research Festival
Title of the paper - "Processing speech signal using auditory-like filterbank provides least uncertainty about articulatory gestures"!

Best TA award

May 2009
Receiving best TA award from Prof. Todd Brun (I am on his right)
I enjoyed teaching as Teaching Assistant (TA)!

Excellence in teaching award

November 2010
Receiving Excellence in teaching award from Center for Excellence in Teaching (CET).
(from left) Antonio Ortega (EE Chair), J. Lawford Anderson (Director of CET) and myself.
USC Award for Excellence in Teaching to Prasanta Ghosh

Thesis Defense

June 2011
Presenting my PhD work at Thesis Defense.
Committee members - Prof. Shrikanth S. Narayanan, Prof. Louis Goldstein, Prof. Antonio Ortega and Prof. Keith Jenkins
Pretty Intense!

Thesis Defense

June 2011
Celebration after Thesis Defense with SAILers.
It was fun!

USC Commencement

May 2011
At Commencement of University of Southern California in 2011.
(from Left) Mary Francis, myself and Prof. Shrikanth S. Narayanan.

Thesis Defense

May 2011
With graduated SAILers...
In fact, all these pictures of graduated SAILers were hanged by me!