Research Areas

We seek solutions to different computer vision and machine learning problems. One of the areas that we are working on is surveillance applications like low-resolution and uncontrolled face recognition, traffic surveillance. Cross-modal matching is another area of interest. Due to availability of huge amounts of multimedia data, cross-modal retrieval is required in different applications like image-text, audio-visual, image-depth, visual-NIR, photo-sketch, etc. We are also working on several other applications like zero-shot learning, adversarial learning, etc.

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Face recognition in surveillance scenarios
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Heterogeneous Face Recognition
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Cross modal retrieval
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Traffic Surveillance
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Zero-Shot Learning

Recent News!

    [September 2018] Paper on Incremental Cross-Modal Hashing accepted in ACCV 2018. Congrats Devraj and Yashas!

    [August 2018] Paper on Re-ranking for Heterogeneous Face Recognition accepted in TIFS 2018. Congrats Sivaram and Shashank!

    [July 2018] Paper on Semantic Preserving Hashing accepted in TIP 2018. Congrats Devraj!

    [May 2018] Two papers accepted in ICIP 2018. Congrats Sivaram and Biju!

    [March 2018] Paper on Low resolution face recognition accepted in CVPR Worhshop on Biometrics 2018. Congrats Sivaram and Soubhik!

    [Feb 2018] Paper on Zero shot learning accepted in CVPR 2018. Congrats Yashas!