Venu Madhav Govindu

Department of Electrical Engineering
Indian Institute of Science
Bengaluru 560012 INDIA

Work Email: venug [AT]
Personal Email: venugovindu [AT]
Work Phone: 080-22933171
Twitter: @venugovindu


I am a computer vision researcher with a primary interest in geometry. Inter alia I have introduced and developed the group-theoretic approach of motion averaging.

The current focus of my research group is efficient and accurate large-scale 3D reconstruction using both RGB and depth images, i.e. problems in structure-from-motion and scan modeling respectively. We are also interested in photometric stereo, principled approaches for image and mesh denoising, and tensor decomposition methods for higher-order grouping. Details of our recent work including publications can be found on our lab page.

Important Note: I do not accept students from outside IISc for short visits, internships, projects etc. Simply spamming me will not help your case.


Computer Vision (E1.216) 2021 Edition

I also typically teach an advanced course on geometry in vision (Selected Topics in Computer Vision: E9.245) during August-December.

Tutorial at CVPR 2018

Motion Averaging: A Framework for Efficient and Accurate Large-Scale Camera Estimation in 3D Vision

Personal Interests

I have a personal interest in the history and political economy of modern India, specifically centred around the life and work of Mahatma Gandhi. I wrote a biography of the Gandhian economic philosopher and constructive worker, J. C. Kumarappa (1892-1960). Some information on the book is available here.


My occasional non-technical essays are here.