Current Students

   Baiju Payyappilly    Manish Tathode
   Anwesha Mukhopadhyay    Geeth George
   Sugoto Maulik    Anurag Singh
   Roja Peri    Arjun P
   Vihan Sahu   

Past Students (PhD)

Shimul Kumar Dam Power Electronic Converters for Condition Monitoring and Voltage Equalization of Batteries
D Venkatramanan Modeling, Analysis and Control of Reconfigurable Battery/Grid Tied Solar Photo-Voltaic Inverter
Pallavi Bharadwaj Modelling, Optimisation and Control of Photovoltaic Energy Conversion Systems
Saichand K Modeling, Analysis and Control of Ultracapacitor based Bidirectional DC-DC Converter Systems
Anil Kumar Adapa Analysis, Control and Applications of Active Phase Converters for Single-Phase Power Grids
Subhash Joshi T.G. Power Electronic Technologies for Medium and High Power High Voltage Power Supplies
Nimesh V. Dual Comparison One Cycle Control for Grid Connected Converters
Abhijit K. Design and Control of Power Converters for Renewable Energy Systems
M.H. Hedayati CM Filter Analysis and Design for Three-Phase and Single-Phase PWM Rectifiers
Arun K.B. Design and Performance Evaluation of Sub-Systems of Grid-Connected Inverters
Anirban Ghoshal Operation of Three Phase Four Wire Grid Connected VSI Under Non-ideal Conditions

Past Students (MTech Research)

Ashish Kumar Hall-Effect Current Sensors for Power Electronic Applications: Design and Performance Validation
Anirudh Acharya B Integrated Common and Differential Mode Filters with Active Damping for Active Front End Motor Drives
Parikshith B C Integrated Approach to Filter Design for Grid Connected Power Converters

Past Students (MTech EE)

Abhijith N Voltage Source Current Source DAHB Converters
Kartik Kumar Singh Planar Magnetics for LLC converters
Shashwatha K Kedalaya LLC converter based battery charging using solar/grid power
Payal Mishra Current and voltage control of buck-boost based PV characterization system
Rajesh K Nayak Secondary operation and control of microgrid connected diesel generator
Aditya Zade Power converter based impedance emulation of passive loads for anti-islanding tests
Arnab Das Impedance emulation for closed loop control of grid emulator
Rahul Mallik Fault ride through in stand-alone inverters using impedance emulation techniques
Sagar Gupta Diode bridge rectifier with improved power quality using capacitive networks
Aalok Dyuti Saha Design and performance validation of Class-D Amplifiers for Hall Effect Current Sensors
Shimul Kumar Dam Bidirectional Grid Connected Converter for Charging, Discharging and Characterization of Battery
Karri Nagaraju Design of a Single Phase Power Converterfor Battery Characterization
Pallavi Bharadwaj PV Panel Characterisation, Maximum Power Point Tracking, and Development of a Solar Irradiation Meter
Sandeep S Analysis, Design and Fabrication Of a Hybrid Series Resonant Converter
M Shamveel T M Bidirectional Isolated DC-DC Power Supply
Neeraj Agrawal Control and Start-up Diagnostics of Three Phase Inverters
Vishnu M DC Bus Current Ripple Management in Single Phase PWM Inverters
Akshay Kumrawat Design of Control Power Supply for High Power Converters with Wide Input Variation
Manu Varkey Development of High Voltage Solid State Crowbar System for High Power Microwave Tube Protection
Krishna Kumar M J Design, Hardware implementation and Control of a 3-phase, 3-level Unity Power Factor Rectifier
Ch. Prashanth Manikumar Design and Control of 400W, 100KHz 6-leg Inverter
Anil Kumar Adapa Protection, Delay and Gate Drive Subsystems and its Validation Using 1-Ph. to 3-Ph. Converter
Sethupathy S Load Test on High Current Low Voltage Inverters in Back-to-Back Connection
Narasimha Reddy B Vector Control and Monitoring of Grid Connected Active Front End Converter
Abhijit K Design of Grid Connected Solar Inverter with Reduced THD using Adaptive Harmonic Elimination Technique
D Venkatramanan Integrated Magnetic Filter Transformer Design for a Grid Connected Single Phase PWM-VSI
Anand Vivek Ravi Control Power Supply Architecture For Ride Through In Power Converters Using Ultracapacitors
Sanjay Kanubhai Patel Snap log based Monitoring and Controlling System for IM Motor Drive
Nilanjan Mukherjee Resonance damping in a higher order Filter (LCL) in an Active front end Operation
Sravan Vorem Grid Power Quality Analysis of 3-Phase and 1-Phase systems
Rabindra Nath Bhunia Monitoring System for High Power Induction Motor Drive