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Research in High Voltage Engineering

The high voltage engineering laboratory was formally started in 1946. In 1963 it became a separate department and in 2006 it once again became a part of the Electrical Engineering department. The department is a pioneer in high voltage research and this research group played a major role in the formation of Central Power Research Institute (CPRI) which is a major national laboratory now. The high voltage laboratory, when it was started, was a major national facility and even today it offers some unique testing facilities for manufacturers of insulation systems.

Currently, the faculty members in the High Voltage Engineering group are:

The current research in this area focuses on topics such as External random processes in insulation; polymeric outdoor insulators; pollution and flashover studies; Thermal problems in electrical insulation; partial discharge detection techniques; nano dielectrics; tracking and erosion, high power electromagnetics, computational EMC and pulsed power systems for HPM, NEMP, UWB and laser systems. Diagnostic testing and condition monitoring of power equipment; Overvoltage phenomena in power apparatus and systems; lightning; switching and very fast transient overvoltages; lightning protection systems; fault diagnosis; HVDC cables and GIS; super conducting magnets and cables; EHV/UHV power transmission; corona, radio interference; line and substation insulation design; Electromagnetic field theory; electrostatic fields; transient fields in composite lossy dielectrics and machine winding; Interference and compatibility in high voltage substations; Application of high voltage engineering to air pollution control; high voltage/current pulse generators and probes for industrial applications; surge protection devices.