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Research in Power Electronics

Research in Power Electronics started in the sixties. The department has been a leader in power electronics and electric drives. The power electronics group of the department has played a major role in shaping the current national mission in this area, NAMPET. A special feature of the power electronics research in the department has been its strong interactions with industry. While the research involves development of new concepts and control algorithms, the issues of implementation and practical relevance have always been a major focus.

Currently, the faculty members in the Power Electronics group are:

The current research in this area focuses on topics such as Electro-magnetics; switched mode power conversion; power quality; simulation of MTDC and FACTS controllers; Modeling and analysis of STATCOM, TCSC, TCPR and UPFC; UPS systems; analysis, modeling and computer aided evaluation of SMPS; compact SMPS employing soft switching; PWM techniques; direct and indirect matrix 3-phase to 3-phase converters; digital control of industrial drives; self commissioning of induction motor drives; DSP controller development; stand alone generation using slip-ring induction motor; multilevel inverters for AC drives; current source inverter drives for induction and synchronous machines; development, testing and control of high power converters; permanent magnet machines; high performance
filter design for distributed generation using power converters and for power quality.