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Research in Power Systems

Research in Power Systems has a long history with the department being a pioneer in our country in initiating research in this area. The power systems group of the department is regularly consulted by many utilities in the country. During the sixties and seventies many transmission systems were designed for the first time here and many studies of power system designs were carried out using the AC Network Analyzer which was a unique facility in the country. Later, many algorithms and software packages were developed for power system studies. This area continues to be one of the major research areas in the department.

Currently, the faculty members in Power Systems group are:

The current research in this area focuses on topics such as Power Systems Analysis, dynamics and computerized control; dynamic security assessment and emergency control; voltage stability; intelligent monitoring and preventive control; applications of soft computing techniques; computer-aided protection; design of distribution systems; distribution automation; FACTs and VAR control; deregulated power system operation; energy conservation; study of demand side management; distributed generation.