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Research in Systems Science and Signal Processing

Research in the area of Systems Science started in late fifties. During the sixties and seventies the department had a strong research group in Control Theory and Adaptive control. This evolved into work on Learning Systems and Pattern Recognition. The department also had a history of research in biomedical engineering and signal processing. It is one of the first places in the country to start work in this area and Biomedical Signal and Image processing continues to be an active area of research. The initial work in Image Processing started with analysis of remotely sensed data in the seventies, motivated by the space program in the country. This evolved into the current research areas of Image and Video processing, Multimedia Systems and Computer Vision.

Currently, the faculty members in the Systems Science and Signal Processing group are:

The current research of this group focuses on topics such as computational study of vision; image understanding; statistical techniques in computer vision; motion analysis and object tracking; distributed camera networks, video analytics; computational photography; steganography; digital forensics; Computational tomography -- 2D and 3D reconstruction; compression of CT images; medical image processing; biomedical imaging; biomedical signal and image processing and reconstruction; document image analysis and recognition; Multilingual OCR, online handwriting recognition and speech synthesis for Indian languages; pattern classification and machine learning; statistical methods in machine learning; temporal data mining and large data analytics; speech signal processing; adaptive filtering and active noise cancellation; machine listening; audio-retrieval; DSP processors and hardware implementation of algorithms; real-time systems; sensor networks resource management, communication protocols, networked and distributed control and networked transportation systems.